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With KPG7 small business owners and freelancers account online. It is easy you do not have to install or download any software, or make a backup and you can always and anywhere update your administration (from any computer). No subscription or contract, pay for use only.

  • All platforms

    KPG7 is an online service made availble by internet, on all platforms and on most commonly used browsers. Whether you are a Mac or PC user you can use KPG7.

  • Why KPG7

    • No installation software needed
    • Also available in English!
    • KPG7 is easy to use and a complete solution
    • No strings attached; no contract
    • Access by Internet is available everywhere
    • KPG7 is affordable: starting at €9,90 per month (excl. VAT/BTW)
  • Try!

    free and without any obligation

    Try KPG7 free and without any restrictions for 30 days. After registration you can use KPG7. After the 30 day free trial your data will be preserved 14 days and thereafter completely and irreversibly removed.

  • Administration set up

    is already done for you!

    The moment you start working with KPG7 just fill out a few items before you get started. We have already done some preliminary work and items created such as cost elements, account types. Of course you can still further complement or modify these.

  • Invoicing with email

    In the digital age it is possible to sent invoices to your customers using email, since 2009 this is just as valid as a on paper printed invoice. Less trees and stamps. KPG7 does it all. A standard ‘logo’ to be used on your electronic (PDF-format) invoices will be generated by KPG7. Do you already have a logo you can upload it and use it.

  • More features

    On this site you will find a summary of the features of KPG7. However KPG7 is constantly developed and regular updated with new features and improvements. Therefore we reccomend to get a free trial and experience KPG7 yourself.

Features KPG7

A summary of the KPG7 features

Multiple businesses

Manag multiple businesses in one administration. To add an enterprise is simply and fastly done in the account configuratoneming. You can easily and swiftly switch between the enterprise administrations.

Project management

Make projects to administer and bill worked hours. Project administration is set up to support different processes and reuse activities and hourly rates.

Multiple brands or marks?

It is possible to make multiple invoice lay-outs for different activities or brands. When making an invoice you only have to choose an invoice type and all invoice specific lay-out settings, such as logo, will be used.


Stock is possesion and therefore put on the balance sheet. You choose which balance accounts should be used. Available valuation methods are 'average cost', 'FIFO', 'LIFO' or manually. Even margin stock can be keept.

User profiles

The seperation of responsibilities and the need to give certain users rights to view or modify data is managed with user profiles. Adding a user to an administration is always by invitation only and the user needs to confirm his or her account.

Broken fiscal year

A company fiscal year does not have to start january first and end decemeber 31th. You can use 'broken'fiscal years. You decide when the fiscal year for your company starts and ends. For every transaction you indicate in which fiscal year it should be booked and reported.


KPG7 is a service by Atinoz. Atinoz is a innovative company with a focus on Digital and using the opportunities Digital offers. We develop Digital concepts, design Digital solutions and built web based solutions, but we also deliver service, support and consultancy helping businesses grow.

You can contact us via our support system.

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